Fun Outdoor Easter Games for the Family

It’s spring and the weather is beautiful – a perfect reason to take the kids outside! These outdoor Easter games offer a family activity beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt. Most of the Easter games use basic supplies, making them simple and inexpensive to coordinate. The games also lend themselves well to indoor adaptations. This allows you to move the Easter activities indoors if there are April showers and the weather does not cooperate.

Obstacle Course

An Easter-themed obstacle course gets all of its participants moving. Each player needs a spoon and either a hard-boiled egg or a plastic Easter egg. The players balance the egg on the spoon while navigating an obstacle course set up in the back yard. Ideas for obstacles include sawhorses to climb under, Easter baskets to weave through and plastic eggs scattered on the ground that the players have to tiptoe around to avoid smashing them.

Egg Rolling

Each player needs a different color of hard-boiled egg for this game, suggested on the Amazing Moms website. Place one white hard-boiled egg in the middle of the lawn or patio. Each player takes a turn rolling his hard-boiled egg. The goal is to get the colored egg to stop closest to the white egg. Keep extras of each color on hand in case one of the eggs cracks or gets squashed during the game.

Easter Egg Toss

This outdoor Easter game requires players to toss eggs back and forth without dropping them. Any type of egg works for this game, including raw, hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Real eggs, whether or not you boil them, will make a mess when dropped or tossed too hard, adding a layer of messy fun to the game. Pairs of players start close together with only a few feet between each member of the pair. After successfully tossing and catching the egg, the pairs move back a step each for a greater distance and another toss. Continue widening the gap to make the game more of a challenge.

Easter Egg Hunt Variations

Give a regular Easter egg hunt a twist for an interesting outdoor game. One option is to organize a treasure hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt. Create a map with locations marked for different Easter treats. You might leave eggs, baskets or small Easter toys in each marked location. Include a larger basket at the end of the treasure hunt. Another variation, suggested on the Kaboose website, is to write a letter on each egg. After the kids collect their eggs, they use the letters to spell out as many words as possible. A special prize goes to the child who creates the most words from their letters, increasing their brain power!

Looking for something a little more fitness oriented for Easter morning? Try this Easter Egg Fitness Treasure Hunt:

  1. Write clues on pieces of paper
  2. Place clues inside plastic eggs
  3. Place eggs in their specific location
  4. Children must do the exercise before moving to the next clue

Egg 1 – Do 10 push-ups, can you do more? Look for the next clue on the front door.

Egg 2 – Jump in place for a minute, if you aren’t too tired look in the fridge.

Egg 3 – Raise your legs high, touch your knee to your nose, do this 10 times and then check the garden hose.

Egg 4 – Sit down and stretch, you’ve been a busy bee. Then get up and run to the nearest tree!

Egg 5 – Do a little dance, you’re almost done, the kitchen table is where we have so much fun.

Egg 6 – Doing 5 jumping jacks will make you a star, and then finish your hunt at the family car!

Then maybe you can go somewhere fun like the park! If you have several kids, fill a bowl with many eggs, then they have to open them all, the child who finds the clue first is the winner of that station.


Let us know what you think, did the kids like these games? What did you do instead?

Share your story with us – Get Up & Go wants to share, inspire and create a healthy and active lifestyle!

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